Transport & Logistics Conference Video Gallery

Freight Forwarders have to Provide More Value to Shippers in Future

Forwarders Need to Innovate and Change Business Models to Stay Relevant

Bader Al Ali of Etihad Cargo said that despite digitalisation, shippers are not going to eliminate freight forwarders from their supply chains in the future.

Right training and knowledge to make best use of the upgraded technology.

The Future Workforce will be Smaller but Smarter

Companies will have to find a way to merge their traditional knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

Automation and Electrificaton is the Future of Transport

AI and Data Analytics will Propel the Logistics Industry into the Future in taking the transport and logistics industry forward.

We Will Continue to Manage the Chaos Demand is Creating: Ram Menen

Cargo Industry has Helped the World Survive the Pandemic: Joe Beydoun

Automated Materials Handling Projects Picking Up: Unitechnik

The Pandemic has Redefined the Word ‘Normal’: Etihad Cargo

Daimler Outlines Future Support ‘For All Who Keep the World Moving’

The Future of Logistics Conference Highlights

Middle East to be a Very Powerful Force in Transport and Logistics

Companies have to start preparing and testing now for the right adoption and implementation of technologies in their operations in the future.

UAE to Emerge as a Key Testing Ground for Future Technologies

Great Leadership has Enabled the Region’s Trade and Logistics Success

UAE - A Global Hub for Logistics, Pharma and Technology

Climate for Innovation has Always been Very Good in the Region

The last two years have taught the sea freight, ports and terminals industry to adapt rapidly to the challenges of the pandemic.

Port Congestion Not Because of Any One Entity’s Inefficiency

UAE has Invested Heavily into Creating a Very Effective Ports Network

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